Technically, no one has quit the AP yet. Their current contract contains a two-year notice period. But, a number of papers have given their notice (7% this year vs 4% last year according to AP) and last month the Spokesman-Review indicated they plan to try and break the two-year clause.

And then late this week AP announced it was cutting rates an additional $9 million in ’09 and eliminating the new two-tiered service structure in favor of giving members access to every text story the wire service produces. They also announced an intent to pursue what may be a complete restructuring of their menu of services and fee schedule.

So – maybe that is good news. In the meantime I have been curious as to how many papers have given their notice. Seven percent would be somewhere around 100 – but below is the best I can figure that have announced publicly. If I am missing any you know of – please leave a comment and I will add it to the list.

Papers that have given AP their 2-year notice:

  1. Minneapolis Star Tribune
  2. Spokesman-Review
  3. The Columbus Dispatch
  4. LA Times
  5. Chicago Tribune
  6. Baltimore Sun
  7. Sun Sentinel
  8. Orlando Sentinel
  9. Hartford Courant
  10. The Morning Call
  11. Daily Press (Hampton Roads, VA)
  12. The Telegraph (Nashua, NH)
  13. The Bakersfield Californian
  14. The Post Register (Idaho Falls ID)
  15. Yakima Herald-Republic
  16. Wenatchee World (WA)
  17. The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, IA)
  18. New York Daily News
  19. Lewiston Sun Journal (Lewiston, ME)

A list of articles and posts referencing the above cancellations: