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One More Thing

Just finished the blogroll at the bottom of the page. Looks simple, it wasn’t.

I am really bored with static lists of blogs. Tough to tell what is worth clicking on if you are not already familiar with the writers.

So – to put this together – I exported an OPML file out of Flock (same one I use in Google Reader) containing 30 or 40 journalism bloggers. Then – I filtered the whole thing through Yahoo Pipes. This let me narrow each individual blogger to one latest entry each, sort by pub date and generally mix and match the needed fields.

After dropping it back into WP – I now have a dynamically generated blogroll that is ordered by latest post and when you hover over each name – provides the title of their latest post. Clicking takes you to the post, not to their front page.

Not bad for only 4:22 a.m.

Finally with the redesign

So – finally had a day or two to spend working on the site again. Nothing fancy, just a basic WP install with a template I have been hacking around with.

Most fun – I added a blogroll on steroids at the bottom. I am dynamically publishing the names of all the people I follow on the various social sites. The list shows just their names – if you hover you get what ever piece of info they have most recently updated on the respective sites.

Right now I have Friendfeed, Delicious, LinkedIn, Facebook, plus a regular Blogroll I still need to add a number of people to. I would have Twitter in there is their darn API was working tonight.

There are still some CSS tweaks to make, nav items to add and so on – but pretty happy so far.