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The life of a tweet

I sent a note out over Twitter earlier today trying to gather some additional responses to a Web Tools Survey I am working on: Doing a survey of news Web sites – what open-source and free tools and services do you use: http://bit.ly/oju #journ

Typical enough – but what was interesting was watching the traffic (via bit.ly):

I have noted on the chart the timing of each re-tweet (red) and, perhaps more importantly, the actual conversions of clicks to survey responses (green). In the first hour the survey received five re-tweets, 110 referrals from Twitter, and four people actually completed the survey.

You can check out the raw data here http://bit.ly/info/oju

Twitter resources for the newsroom

A bunch of new Twitter accounts popped up in our newsroom recently so I put together a quick list of resources for people just starting out.  I use all or most of these services:

Track your growth

Get your stats

Get recommendations for who you should be following

Get notified when people stop following

Find out how influential you are

Look for connections among your followers

A live map based display of everyone

Find more friends

Search Twitter

Make shortcuts for URLS (and track the clicks)