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Complaint – line one

This is a great story from Raleigh – about a subscriber suing the N&O for their recent staff cut backs.

Plaintiff alleges fraud in that the newspaper announced changes in the coverage after procuring renewals from Plaintiff and other subscribers.

First – it is so typically delightful that a newspaper would write a story about their being sued for what is obviously just a crazy protest. Not that this story is a full-fledged member of the breed – but we certainly do love to write stories about how badly the industry is doing.

But really – I love it because people do not waste their time protesting things that do not matter to them. I love to get complaining phone calls and emails and comments on our articles. At least usually.

What it means is at least people care. They take their local newspapers seriously and they get mad when they think we are not doing our job. of course ‘newspaper’ is just a generic term for what we do – as many people probably do not care if it is online instead of print. But regardless of the platform they are passionate about the job we do.

Obviously this case will get tossed out pretty early in the process – but I hope people keep calling and emailing to complain. At least they are still reading.