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Media week

Spent most of the week migrating our multimedia (about 343 projects) from a home made Flash player we got via Zach Wise over to

Still a fair amount of work to do – the process involved downloading all of the media assets, renaming them, pulling all the metadata from a separate RSS feed, combining it all on a spreadsheet and then reuploading. Fun.

The best thing about Castfire is the API and the ability to slice-and-dice feeds. Castfire can feed out video and audio in RSS, ASX and XSPF. Below is the share-this-video embed version of the player:


  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous July 31, 2008

    Seth – you da man. I will get back to you with details.


  2. Will Sullivan
    Will Sullivan July 31, 2008

    If Roanoke has another Virgina Tech or something, St. Louis will take it.

  3. Jody Myers
    Jody Myers July 31, 2008

    I’m interested but photography isn’t my core thing, not like you and Annette. Global e-marketing campaigns is, though.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous July 31, 2008

    @Will – thanks – much appreciated.

    @Jody – I wish I had a PR campaign we needed judged. You would be perfect! 🙂

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