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Ten things for free


I am at a workshop at Poynter this week learning about change management and coaching/training techniques. Just for a plug for the sponsor – the event is called the McCormick Change Leadership Fellowship.

The group is working today and tomorrow on developing hour long teaching modules that could potentially be used in the future at Poynter or other journalism events and conferences. We will not be building a full presentation this week, merely creating an outline and tools that we will use during the session.

This is where I need help. My session is tentatively titled: “10 Things You Can do for Free Today.” The focus will be on finding, implementing and using free software and services available on the Web to provide internal and external tools and features for use at your paper and Web site.

As part of the session I would like to provide a mini case study from different newspapers using each of the free tools and Web services. We use most of the at the Telegraph – but having a broader cross-sample to talk about would be much more valuable to attendees – and keep me from just rambling on about myself for an hour.

So – the list of possible services is below. If you are using any of them and would be willing to submit to a short email or phone interview and share some best practices and results around these products – let me know in the comments and/or by email: damon(at) I am also looking for any suggestions on services or categories of services that I have not gotten on the list yet.

  1. Debate (comments)
  2. (live chat/blog)
  3. PHPbb (open source forums)
  4. WordPress (blog)
  5. Mogulus/Ustream (live video)
  6. (live cell phone video)
  7. OpenX (ad serving)
  8. Twitter (SMS)
  9. Google Analytics/GoogleMaps/Google Docs
  10. EditGrid (collaborative web-based data)

I know there are hundreds/thousands of others out there – I am most familiar with those in terms of good journalism uses at newspapers.




  1. Regina
    Regina March 25, 2009

    — Vuvox– Dipity– Wordle– Audioboo

  2. Regina
    Regina March 26, 2009

    — Vuvox
    — Dipity
    — Wordle
    — Audioboo

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