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Mobile Media

Since the project officially launched a month ago (Jan 23) I thought it was time to mention I am now writing over at for their new Mobile Media blog.

‘Writing’ may be too strong of a word in this case. What we are doing is aggregating and briefing (as the tagline says) news about mobile & its applications & implications for media. The blog is co-authored by Poynter’s Regina McCombs with massive support and direction from Julie Moos and Steve Myers.

Needless to say mobile is the next big thing for journalism and the Web in general. Many of our posts so far have been focused on the iPad, Kindle and the coming war between Apple, Google and Microsoft. The first one to hire Arnold Schwarzenegger to go back in time to destroy the original iPhone prototype wins.

We are also looking for examples of media companies (large and small) doing cool things with mobile devices. This could include streaming live video from a cell phone, writing stories with a Blackberry, using location-based social media or creating a great mobile ad sales strategy. Basically anything journalism (or news revenue) related that does not involve a desk and a PC.

So, please go right now to and bookmark the site, or subscribe to the RSS feed and the daily email newsletter!

And, if you have any great mobile journalism story ideas that have yet to hit Gizmodo and Techcrunch email me: damon(at) The help is appreciated.