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How not to make decisions

Our Board of Curators will vote this afternoon (9/13/21) to reassess the mandatory classroom-mask policy set in place in August at Mizzou and the other system campuses. Oddly enough, we are masking but NOT social distancing in the classroom.

Perhaps the Curators vote to continue the policy, since in Columbia at least we have started the semester with a manageably low number of student cases. Of course, the Curators recently voted against requiring the COIVD vaccine for students, citing “freedom” as the governing principle. This despite the fact that at least three other vaccines are required for enrollment.

But, what evidence might be utilized in this discussion?

Vaccination rate? No, we have not asked.

Percentage of positivity rate for student tests? No, it is not being tracked.

Evidence of prior infection? No, we have not asked.

Evidence of regular negative tests? Not asked or required.

Student/Faculty or Staff preference? No, we have not asked.

Number of student and Faculty/Staff cases? Yes, we know that and it is low, but not low enough. But, since it is the only internal data we have – is that used as an excuse to eliminate the policy? Let’s hope the overwhelming evidence that masks work (though, so does the vaccine) keeps the policy in place.

Update: Good news.