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Print and Digital Affordances in News – a not European Vacation.

A thing in academia is to go to conferences in hopefully far-flung locales and sit on a panel with 5 – 6 other people, each giving a 15-minute presentation of their recent research, followed by questions and answers from at least several colleagues in the audience.

COVID-19 has meant the conferences continue, but over Zoom. So the other day I was up at 2 a.m. presenting work I have been doing with Dr. Shuhua Zhou at Mizzou and Dr Lei. Gou at Nebraska/Omaha. The 2 a.m. wake-up adding insult to injury of not being in Oslo or Prague or wherever the conference would have been in the before times.

I wrote about this work last year and the first paper from the project was published earlier this year in Journalism Practice.

This week’s presentation at the European Communication Conference was a summary of that first paper, and of a second that is awaiting publication, hopefully this month. But, for interest, the slides are below.