Mobile Media

Since the project officially launched a month ago (Jan 23) I thought it was time to mention I am now writing over at for their new Mobile Media blog. ‘Writing’ may be too strong of a word in this case. What we are doing is aggregating and briefing (as the tagline says) news about […]

The meter is running

Metered reading is apparently the new ‘black’ in journalism business circles. In evidence: The New York Times‘ apparent move in that direction; two Ottaway papers this week; and the forthcoming launch of the Journalism Online project. The bet is by allowing a small number of ‘free’ page views before instituting a registration or paywall, the […]

Testing the waters

Two Ottaway / Dow Jones papers in New Bedford, MA and Stockton, CA launched paywalls this week. This creates a great opportunity for the rest of us to watch the impact on reader traffic through the magic of Quantcast. Both sites went live with subscription access on January 12. Each is offering metered access to […]

Kindle why?

I love gadgets. If I was in a higher tax bracket I would live at CES and buy everything there that would allow me to record and stream and time-shift and sift and mashup and share my news and TV and music and photos and movies. Hey, last week I installed open source firmware on […]